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    Dr. Maria Ian

    Maria Ian began writing at a young age, completed her first novel at the age of thirteen, and has been writing ever since then. Maria has authored over 17 books, including an international bestseller. She has served as editor of numerous law books and of one Amazon bestseller on Health & Wellness. She holds a doctorate in Political Science, a J.D. in law, as well as many professional certifications in physical exercise, TCM, and mental health, with an emphasis on ancestral healing. 

    As project manager for legal service providers for 15 years, she was responsible for resettlement and processing of individuals from international conflict zones as well as for administrative processing and some litigation with U.S. agencies and federal courts. She was also responsible for PR and conducted and broadcast interviews with subject matter experts. 

    Maria has taught professional writing classes, law classes, and has assisted in mentoring as well as mentored trauma survivors. She is an avid genealogical researcher who has found fascinating details in her family's Turkish, Central South Asian, and Chinese roots. Having lived in six countries, she is an enthusiastic proponent of open horizons and the central, eternal value of anything human.   

    Maria's family was politically active for a long time. Her maternal great grand-father died fighting against the Bolshevik Revolution in World War I, and three other ancestors gave their lives for the freedom of the nation of Ukraine and of Russia in prior centuries, as well as against the Nazis in Eastern Europe in World War II. Her immediate family were scientists who emphasized critical thinking, debate, travel and intercultural exposure in her upbringing. 

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